Celebrating Episode 200 at NBA Con 2023!



To celebrate the 200th episode of the Legends Of Sport Podcast, Andy took the show on the road to NBA Con 2023 in Las Vegas! Andy chats with the NBA’s Sr. VP of Business Operations & Global Events, Joey Graziano, and Denver Nuggets team photographer, Garrett Ellwood! Joey tells us all about NBA Con, what the league hopes to accomplish with the event, his personal path from a white collar criminal defense attorney to the NBA, his experience in the NBA Bubble, and the possibility of seeing an NBA team in Las Vegas! NEXT, Andy chats with Garrett Ellwood about capturing the Nuggets first ever championship run, how the job has changed over the years, seeing Victor Webanyama’s debut at NBA Summer League, and more!

Other Topics Discussed in this Episode:
Joey Graziano, Sr. VP of Business Operations & Global Events at the NBA
  • 3:00     Joey shares the idea and vision behind NBA Con 2023
  • 7:10     Joey discusses his career journey from a lawyer to an NBA senior executive
  • 9:16     Andy and Joey reflect on the 2020 NBA Bubble in Orlando, FL
  • 16:20   The NBA’s commitment to Las Vegas for future events
Garrett Ellwood, Denver Nuggets team photographer
  • 20:55    Andy and Garrett discuss the changes in their job from film photography to digital
  • 23:25    Garrett reflects on the Nuggets’ historic 2023 championship run
  • 25:11    NBA Summer League

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