James Worthy



This week on Legends Of Sport, Andy takes us through basketball history with longtime friend and Laker legend, “Big Game” James Worthy. A three-time NBA champion and 1988 Finals MVP, James played his entire 12-year NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Hear James talk about his upbringing, winning an NCAA championship with the Tar Heels, the coin toss that made him a Laker and part of the Showtime dynasty, lessons learned from Kareem, Magic, Kurt Rambis and Coach Pat Riley, his New Balance shoe deal, Kawhi and LeBron, his partnership with Waiakea Water, community outreach in LA, and many more incredible on and off-court memories. 

Other topics discussed in this episode:

4:37   On seeing his Showtime teammates, coaches and friends at the 2022 reunion in Maui

“We were a family. And, you know, it was just like 1988. It felt like we were right there. And no matter whether we were on the bus, or on a plane or in the movie theater, or in the mall, where you used to… photograph us quite a bit… We were always hamming it up. Especially after so many years, where guys can barely walk. All the replacements in the body that’s taken place: knees and ankles and shoulders. And all you have is memories and your mouth. So that’s what you use, you know, you remember the memories. And you just talk a bunch of trash because that’s all you have, man. But it’s nice to reminisce, bring up some old stuff.”

14:05   James’ big move to LA, joining Coach Riley, Kareem, Magic, Jamaal Wilkes and vying for a starting spot against Kurt Rambis, who “beat [his] ass to the ground” 

19:45   Team chemistry with Magic

22:34   How James’ father passed his work ethic down to his son by gifting him a lawn mower 

23:58   James’ New Balance sneaker deal and the new face of New Balance basketball, Kawhi Leonard

29:27   How James got his nickname “Clever” in his 1988 MVP season

34:30   His thoughts on LeBron breaking Kareem’s all-time NBA scoring record and the excitement of the high-performing Lakers

37:47   James’ partnership with WAIAKEA Hawaiian Volcanic Water 

40:09   James shares some of his favorite Laker memories, with Andy capturing it all on camera

Hear Andy and James discuss one of the most iconic teams of all time, from the Lakers’ 1980s Showtime glory days to the 2022 Showtime reunion and current team, in this week’s episode of Legends Of Sport.

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