Jerry Colangelo – Jerry Goes West



In 1968, Jerry Colangelo left Chicago to become the youngest general manager in professional sports for the Phoenix Suns. It was twenty below zero when he left. He arrived with his family to seventy degree weather, Orange Blossoms in the air, nine suitcases, and three hundred bucks in his pocket. He never looked back. Fifty years and five professional franchises later, Jerry is today known as the man who brought Baseball, Hockey, the WNBA, and Arena Football to Arizona. Growing up in a poor neighborhood of Chicago, Jerry has never forgotten his humble beginning. In 2005, Jerry Colangelo was asked to take over a USA Basketball program desperately in need of realignment. He fervently accepted the job on the condition that he’d have full autonomy in order to rebuild the program the right way. They have since gone 75-1 and have won Gold Medals in Beijing, London, and the Rio De Janeiro Olympics. Hear the full story on this week’s episode of Legends Of Sport.


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