Leigh Steinberg – Jerry McGuire’s Third Act



When Leigh Steinberg began his career as a sports agent, they were not even allowed to negotiate with NFL owners. In fact, the industry did not really exist. By the end of the millennium, though, Leigh had become a ‘Super Agent,’ having his life loosely depicted in Jerry McGuire, representing nearly half of the starting Quarterbacks in the NFL, and ultimately selling his business for tens of millions of dollars. Leigh seemingly had it all until, through a series of circumstances, everything came crashing down. Forced to pick up the pieces, Leigh got sober, rebuilt his business and his life, and has since realigned his priorities. Today, Leigh is back at it, representing future superstars like Patrick Mahomes, writing books, and teaching younger aspiring agents through his academies. Hear his entire story on this week’s episode of Legends Of Sport.


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