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Described as the “gatekeeper of the Golden State Warriors,” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Raymond Ridder is currently the Vice President of Communications for the Golden State Warriors and has spent 29 years in the league. Ridder got his start with the Los Angeles Lakers in the 90s where he and Andy first met Raymond Ridder

“We are really challenging ourselves right now…this is our time to step up,” Ridder said of the coronavirus pandemic.  

He explained that the team has made over 5,000 Zoom calls in the last few weeks to ensure that they are staying active and connected with each other and the public during quarantine. Ridder has overcome many challenges during his 22-season career and has shown tireless determination to the game. 

After he first heard about a PR internship opening with the Lakers, Ridder was determined to get the job. He sent flowers, balloons, and plants along with his resume to Josh Rosenfeld nearly every day to keep his resume on the top of the pile.

“I did quickly realize, at 5’6” my career was probably not going to be on the court. It was going to be on the side of the court,” Ridder said. 

He also worked in PR for the emerging WNBA team, the Los Angeles Sparks, while still interning for the Lakers. Ridder spent six years as Assistant PR Director for the Lakers before moving north for the Golden State Warriors. 

“(Head Coach) Steve Kerr’s big mantra from day one is ‘strength in numbers,’ ‘the more the merrier,’ ‘ten of you rowing in the same direction is better than one of you,’” Ridder said. 

Early in his tenure he took the Warriors’ poor record as a challenge to get positive coverage for the team and emphasizes that the Warriors’ strategy is to give equal coverage to all men on the roster. 

“I had the opportunity to work for a really good team and a really bad team…I worked for a team that won 17 games and I worked for a team that one 73 games,” Ridder said. “Everybody has a story.”

Ridder credits his team, mentors, and coworkers with his success. He offers some advice for people hoping to get into sports PR.

“The two things I really look for are attitude and work ethic,” Ridder said. “Have a dream, if you have a dream you can do anything you want to do.”

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