Ricky Williams – The Healer



Ricky Williams rushed for over ten thousand yards in the NFL and is widely considered once of the greatest college Running Backs of all time as both a two time All-American and 1998 Heisman Trophy winner. So why do so many people still remember Ricky for his multiple suspensions for Cannabis use in the NFL? We sat down with Ricky to discuss the stigma behind Cannabis and sports, his Hall of Fame career at University of Texas, and his journey to India where he ultimately discovered his passion for Yoga, Meditation, and Astrology. Today, Ricky is pursuing a PHD in Eastern Medicine, while also running a successful herbal product line, in addition to giving Astrological readings, amongst his many other endeavors. Ricky is a searcher and as you’ll hear in our conversation, he is passionate about learning more about the spiritual connection between mind and body and how we can all attain greater enlightenment.


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