Robert “Scoop” Jackson (Part 2)



It’s PART 2 with Robert “Scoop” Jackson! Andy & Scoop discuss the changes in the media landscape over their careers, Scoop’s approach to writing & managing player relationships, Andy’s time in the NBA Bubble in 2020, Scoop’s perspective on social justice issues, players using their platforms to raise awareness and elicit change, Andy’s behind-the-scenes story on “The Mamba Mentality” book cover photo, and Scoop tells some personal Kobe Bryant stories! You can listen to Part 1 on Apple, Spotify or find Legends Of Sport wherever you listen to podcasts.

Other Topics Discussed in this Episode:

2:02   Andy and Scoop reflect on the pre-digital media days of photography and journalism, and the drastic changes that impacted their player access and longform storytelling

4:53   How Scoop earned the respect and trust of Michael Jordan and other players skeptical of the media 

11:23   Scoop discusses his writing style and how he strives to bring fairness into his articles

15:54   Scoop’s book, The Game is Not a Game: The Power, Protest and Politics of American Sports and how video evidence has changed the landscape of social justice movements

26:30   Andy’s personal awakening to Black Lives Matter 

31:38   Black “Life” Matters

33:15   Scoop shares some of his favorite Kobe moments, including their bond over sneakers, the advice Scoop gave Kobe after he won the All Star Game MVP award and was booed by the Philly crowd, and Kobe’s “Playoff Mode” towards the media

38:55   The making of the “The Mamba Mentality” book, from Kobe’s vision to the title to the cover photo

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