Today in Sports History: April 24

In 2004, Ole Miss quarterback, Eli Manning, was selected as the No. 1 in the National Football League (NFL) draft by the San Diego Chargers. Within the hour, Manning was traded to heNew York Giants for No. 4 pick, Phillip Rivers and three future draft picks. 

From 2004, until 2019, Manning’s record as a starting quarterback was 117-117. His home record was 62 wins and 56 losses and his away record was 55 wins and 61 losses. 

Manning played a total of 236 regular season games, with 8,119 attempted passes and 4,895 completed passes. He had a total of 57,023 yards with a percentile of 60.29. He had an average of 7 with his longest completed play of 99 yards. He scored a total of 366 touchdowns and had 244 interceptions.

Manning won two Superbowls with the New York Giants in 2008 and 2012 and was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in both games. He was one out of five players to win the award twice within a Superbowl game. 

He was a four-time Pro-Bowler for his impressive game during the 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2015 seasons. He was also awarded the 2016 NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year, along with Larry Fitzgerlad, for their excellence on and off the field. 

After Manning’s 16-year long career, he decided it was time for retirement at 39-years-old. After a year of relaxing, spending time with his wife, kids, and family, he decided to return to the Giants as an executive on their front office which embarks business development, marketing, and community and corporate relations. 

Most recently, Manning and his brother, Peyton, signed a deal with ESPN to cover Monday Night Football through the 2024 season. Eli has also been in conversations about joining the Hall of Fame Class 2025.

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