Today in Sports History: December 28

The Detroit Lions end the 2008 season with the worst record in NFL history. After a 31-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers, the Lions ended their 79th season with a 0-16 record. The previous season the Lions had their best record to date (7-9), under the direction of Rod Marinelli. Marinelli held a 10-38 record and had been with the Lions for three years. The Lions gave up 517 points during the season and has allowed 32.31 points per game on defense. After losing all 16 regular-season games, the Lions fired their manager along with most of their staff. The Lions were guaranteed the number one overall draft pick in the 1980 draft and used it to select quarterback Matt Stafford. The next season, Stafford helped the team reverse their fortunes and set both individual and team records.

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